Kali Sikaran Silat Module 1 - Kali Sikaran

Kali Sikaran Silat Module 1 Program

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Program for Silat Module 1.

This is the first of three Modules in the art of Silat/Kuntaw.
The first module covers basic principles around upper and lower art entries so that the students are more prepared for further studies in Silat. It will also provide a nice bridge to implement the skill sets and techniques into our Kadena de Mano blocks.

The program contains:
- Inside/outside entries against strikes
- Push/Pull action
- Basic foot trap positions
- Basic defence against kicks

The module also shows a number of examples on how to use the principles in a technique combination. As usual this is displayed in an easy step-by-step manner in the program.

Besides helping the student to develop a good foundation of understanding of the basic principles it also offers a static and one dynamic drill to develop hand movement skills specifically for the Silat type movements, called Kelis. In combination with Lankaw this creates a good basic excercise for anyone who wants to deepen their insights in Silat.

Order the program for your KSI Silat training and progression.