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Kali Sikaran Phase 3 shorts front
Kali Sikaran Phase 3 shorts with Flex ;)
Kali Sikaran Phase 3 shorts with back

Kali Sikaran Phase 3-5 Shorts

Regular price $50.00

The Official KSI shorts! Made of 100% ripstop cotton for your Kali Sikaran practise.

The stretch panel in the groin is made of 80% spandex / 20% polyester and allows an unlimited range of movement and kicking. Elasticated waistband in combination with a drawcord string assures perfect fit.
The locking is double with velcro plus drawcord in accordance with the high demands of pro MMA fightwear.

The right leg has a pocket and all logos are high quality embroidered in white for students Phase 3-5.