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About Kali Sikaran

KALI SIKARAN has its origins in the Fighting style of the Philippines and the Southeast Eastern countries. A modern-day definition for this is stood for by physical ability and also warrior spirit where the expert train the body as well as the mind to deal with different type of challenges.

Kali Sikaran is constructed around 6 basic blocks (or method categories) that are carefully interwoven. The technical concepts prevail in all blocks and gives the specialist a strong and also practical base for self defence. Capability is more crucial compared to type and every trainee will get assist to modify their skills for their qualities (size, stamina, endurance etc)

When the expert ends up being more advanced a few additional blocks are contributed to the training syllabus. These blocks are much more based upon the art than on pure self-defense, like Espada y Daga, training with sword and blade.

The 6 basic blocks are:

PANANTUKAN is Filipino boxing that varies from Western boxing in that you also use the joints as well as methods without gloves. Sweeps, holds, foot traps as well as managing the opponent are other hallmarks of this extremely effective design of boxing with self-defense focus. Check out the new book PANANTUKAN

SIKARAN is Filipino Kickboxing. In Sikaran we incorporate Panantukan (see over) with kicks with shins and also feet. Sikaran is characterized by movement (zoning) as well as terrific variant in the execution of the kicks. To train the distance changes to be able to make use of quick as well as reliable kicks (as an example with the tip of the shoe) or larger shin kicks or knee strikes on shorter ranges is extremely important.

STICKFIGHTING is best recognized by the Martial Arts Area for the extensive combat use of sticks (or machetes) by the Filipino Warriors. Stick combating is educated with 1 or 2 sticks (2 different blocks). The training with sticks is essential to unarmed training as you establish control, motion, toughness, stamina and also reaction abilities. Components that are trained are to name a few strikes, blocks, disarms, locks as well as takedowns.
Any kind of development in stick training causes a prompt enhancement in the empty hand aspects of Kali Sikaran.

DAGA implies knife. Knife protection is a well-known specialty within the Filipino fighting styles. Blade use is very common in the Philippines and for that reason they have developed special knife defence training techniques that today is taught to cops and also armed forces all over the world.

KADENA DE MANO implies "Chain of Hands" as well as it is brief rapid punches as well as elbow joint strikes utilized in close quarter fighting. Right here we train anything from established striking patterns to sophisticated reaction drills.
Kadena De Mano is an extremely practical and also very efficient self defence method that is suitable for a modern-day atmosphere, particularly when there's no space to relocate and no way to escape.